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Welcome to CosmicFool

We are now close to four years online as an active community and much has changed in our focus and understanding of concepts like "Spirituality". We are still interested in discussing these topics, but have come to a far different perspective than we had when the focused described above. It is somewhat embarrassing actually to now come back and review the words we used four years ago when we were still in the process of awakening from what in retrospect we, the hosts of this board, know to have been a state of serious and frivolous delusion. There have been many twists and turns to our journey though, and the are all chronicled here as they occurred, so inconsistencies of belief will certainly be noted, as the full record of our process is still intact here.

We have gone through an intense process here of trying to rationalize relationships and belief systems generally referred to as "spirituality", which we now have established were destructive and counter-productive to the inevitable human desire to figure things out and have answers to life's many mysteries and concerns.

Our efforts and interactions here ultimately led some of us who have come to refer to ourselves as Cosmic Fools to literally and metaphorically "burn the Sacred Cow." The literal event took place during the Summer Solstice of 2003 and was attended by a number of regular posters, most of whom knew each other only through the message board but who as a result of it had shared some profound awakenings, primarily the understanding that questioning authority, especially "spiritual" authority is quite a liberating and valuable thing to do.

The metaphorical process of Burning the Sacred Cow is reflected in all of the postings on our board. We are extremely proud of our history, of the fact that out of now close to 14,000 posts we can still count the deletions and edits on our fingers. We have held true to our commitment to allow an open dialogue and the free expression of all opinions. Naturally we have some, who will dispute that, and we certainly have our detractors, but the underlying belief in free speech which inspired our moderation choices from the beginning still holds true today. We have learned a lot about that process, and that at the end of the day, freedom cannot co-exist with inequality. One person's freedom cannot be provided at the expense of another's, and someone has to determine where that line lies. From that understanding we have matured a bit in our own understanding of how that balance is achieved. As with all such understandings, we have not achieved nor do we seek to achieve consensus on our personal conclusions on this issue, but all input is welcomed.

For most of our time here registration has been open to all. We are now enforcing a permission system which is mostly based simply on our ability to verify a registrant's email address. Beyond that, the message board is mostly self-regulating, which means that just as anyone may come along and state their case, so may anyone else respond as they wish all within the boundaries of legality and human decency of course. This is the aspect of freedom of speech that we've come to realize that many people don't understand. A point of great interest is that for the most part, it is those who come here making claims and assertions without a correspondent willingness to have them questioned who have the biggest problem with the equitability aspect of the concept that freedom of speech is for everyone, not just those in agreement with us.

Joining us Fools in discussion can be a challenge, but we believe in challenge, and have come to know it to be our greatest ally in sorting through our own personal beliefs, understandings, and relationships.

All are welcomed to post here, and all who do are well served to evaluate their own reasons for doing so prior to engaging with us, because it is quite likely that those motives will be questioned and possibly challenged should they appear to anyone to be unclear, suspect, or objectionable. If you are not clear on that point yourself, and/or unwilling to discuss it and have it challenged, this is not the place for you.

If you are, then please do come aboard our Ship of Fools and enjoy the ride, or just read along because this is a fascinating journey that has provided many people with lots of fuel for thought, intense emotions, and many, many good hard belly laughs, many of them at ourselves. Sacred Cows beware, the coals in our barbeque pit remain hot, and many of us Fools have come to love the sound of a good sizzle.

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